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Must-read: La République en Marche! – How Macron could trample over Britain’s Brexit plans

Fri, 20/10/2017 - 15:00

In this fascinating article Rhys Felton takes an in-depth look at how Emmanuel Macron's presidential election victory will impact Brexit negotiations. Macron was and is viewed by many as an outsider; his popular support is rooted in a social movement (rather than a party), and the liberal strand which underpins his political thought is a marked departure from previous president’s emphasis on ‘French exceptionalism’. Rhys argues we should view Macron’s appointment ominously as it will lead to uncomfortable parallels being drawn between Britain and France’s governance which will expose the flaws in Brexit. He also reflects upon Macron’s status as a ‘break’ from conventional French politics arguing that this will lead to a renewed commitment to the European project - Britain will no longer have a Eurosceptic neighbour. The article is well worth a read - France is Britain’s closest military ally and diplomatic and economic ties are also strong. Consequently, events in France have consequences for us in Britain even if these are rarely reflected upon.

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