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27/01/2019 Newsflash

Mon, 25/02/2019 - 20:00

Irish Backstop

Ireland’s deputy Prime Minister emphasises no more compromise is possible on the Irish Backstop in the current withdrawal agreement. Without the backstop in place, there is the fear of a reappearance of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. This could lead to a breach of the Good Friday Agreement and could create uncertainty for the Northern Irish peace process. Critics argue against the backstop as should the UK and EU not reach an agreement of their future relationship, the UK would effectively remain in the EU customs union.


No-deal Brexit:

Rumours of government looking to enact martial law in the event of civil unrest after a no-deal Brexit have grabbed headlines today as government prepares itself for a no-deal outcome. Whilst confirming this was true, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also highlighted the government was “not specifically” looking into the possibility but only preparing itself if need be.


Are businesses leaving UK because of Brexit?

A number of businesses have recently been in the spotlight for moving or considering to move their operations out of the UK. Most controversially, Dyson founder James Dyson, who openly supports leaving the European Union, has announced the company’s relocation to Singapore. Although CEO, Jim Rowan, assures the move has nothing to do with Brexit but with “future-proofing” the business. Airbus CEO, Tom Enders, has released a statement condemning the state of Brexit negotiations. Calling them a “disgrace”, he threatened with the possibility of turning down future investment in the UK and moving factories. Even the BBC is said to be considering moving headquarters into the EU in order to allow it to continue broadcasting over the continent.